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Prince of Brunei's Harem Girl Tells All


Prince of Brunei's Harem Girl Tells All
by Jared Paul Stern (RSS feed) — Jan 6th 2010 8:02AM
This spring Plume will publish Jillian Lauren's memoir Some Girls: My Life in a Harem, about the 18 months she spent as one of Prince Jefri of Brunei's playthings-for-hire. At 18, when Lauren was an NYU theater school dropout, a "casting director" offered her $20,000 to party with a rich businessman and a bunch of other young American lovelies for two weeks. Soon after Lauren found herself on a plane to Brunei, where she spend 18 months in the 40-girl harem of Prince Jefri, the Sultan of Brunei's younger brother and owner of famed hotels like the New York Palace and Hotel Bel-Air, earning a small fortune. She writes about rooms in the Prince's opulent palace "where absurdly beautiful women lounged on every inch of the upholstery" and exotic orgies ensued. "I fell victim to Stockholm Syndrome," Lauren writes. "I knew I was a hooker, but somehow I felt like Cinderella." The Prince often loaned her to the Sultan for sex sessions, which she was compensated for with lavish shopping sprees. You'll have to wait until publication for the really sexy bits. "Some Girls would have been riveting even if Lauren had merely illuminated the murky world of high-class prostitution," notes author Jennifer Eagan. "The fact that she does so with humor, candor, and a reporter's gimlet eye is an added delight."
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