Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tiger Woods Offered $100,000 From Cigar Company

Some brands are running from Tiger Woods as a celebrity endorser but Orlando-based Corona Cigar Co. is running toward him offering the golfer $100,000 as a celebrity "smokesperson." The brand is clearly looking for publicity. Owner Jeff Borysiewicz has said that the company doesn't condone anyone's alleged extramarital affairs but welcomes Woods as a potential endorser. Woods has visited Corona in the company of Charles Parker before. Some of Woods' core endorsers including Accenture, Gillette and Gatorade have said they will review their association with the golfer and he won't be playing golf for a little while so perhaps he should take the deal for some running around money.
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Casino Mogul Steve Wynn Is The New Owner Of Pricey Rembrandt


It has been revealed that casino mogul Steve Wynn is the proud new owner of the Rembrandt painting that sold for a record $33.2 million last week at Christie's in London. The 1658 "Portrait of a Man, Half-Length, With His Arms Akimbo," was sold over the telephone. Wynn has not officially revealed that he was the buyer but the NY Times reported that he called several art dealers and scholars to ask their opinions of the piece before the sale. Wynn is famous for his art collection which includes excellent pieces by Rubens, Vermeer and Cezanne as well as the Picasso masterpiece, Le Reve. Wynn, who suffers from the eye disease retinitis pigmentosa, famously put his elbow through the picture in 2006.
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Morgan Freeman Gets A Jet For Christmas


One of our favorite celebrity pilots actor Morgan Freeman has a new toy for the holidays, a fancy new private jet. Gulf News reports that Freeman bought the SJ30 plane which was produced by Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation, a subsidiary of United Arab Emirates-based Emivest. Earlier this year as my colleague Jared Paul Stern reported, the SJ30 set a world speed record from London to Dubai in just 7hr 7 min including a fuel stop in Istanbul. The six-seater can retain sea level cabin pressure at 41,000 ft., reducing jet lag, and can fly more than 2,800 miles nonstop at speeds of up to 630 mph. It sells for approximately $8 million. Freeman flew the plane from Los Angeles to Dubai to attend a a press conference at the Executive Flight Center at the Dubai Airport Free Zone to announce the sale of the new SJ30 from Emivest to Freeman. The Gulf News article says that Freeman is expected to stay in the UAE until December 27.
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Steven A. Cohen’s Palatial Life Maybe Crumbling to the Ground

uh oh
The Ex Wife is pissed......
Steven Cohen

uh oh

The Ex Wife is pissed......

Steven A. Cohen's Giant Mansion Might Be Built on Sand
Here is a tip for the super-wealthy: Do not build a ludicrously large mansion if you may someday be accused of racketeering. This mansion will change from a symbol of your stupid wealth to a symbol of your outright stupidity.
The house that reclusive billionaire trader Steven A. Cohen built is 35,000 square-feet. Well, maybe 36,000 now: Last year, Cohen applied for a permit to add 1,000 more. This act of hubris must have angered the gods, because he's in trouble now.
(Cohen's Greenwich, Conn. mansion as it might look to a vengeful god)
The Times is reporting today that Cohen's ex-wife, Patricia, has filed a lawsuit against him. In it, she claims he scammed millions of dollars during their 1988 divorce by hiding money from her—and the IRS—in shady real-estate deals. The suit also accuses Cohen of insider trading. According to the Times Dealbook blog:
She claims in her suit that in 1985, while they were married, Mr. Cohen confessed to her that he received inside information on the takeover of RCA by General Electric. When she asked him if trading on such information would be illegal, Mr. Cohen said that that he knew that the source was a former classmate of his from Wharton. But he obtained the information from a mutual friend, so he was not involved in insider trading.
Also, just sleazy finance-related behavior in general: After Patricia made almost a million dollars through real-estate deals, she claims Steven took the money, placed it in an account in his name and told her she couldn't touch it. This thing is going to be messy. Patricia Cohen's lawyer told the Times, "What I look forward to most is the day when Steve Cohen has to face 12 people on a jury and have to answer for what he did to his former wife." Damn.
And the case will seriously compound Cohen's other recent troubles: He and his company, SAC Capital Advisors, are being eyed by feared FBI investigator B.J. Kang in the case of an insider trading ring involving ex-SAC employees. (Which also encompasses the charming story of Andrew Tong—a trader allegedly forced to perform oral sex on his boss.)
Who knows how Cohen will fare in the lawsuit or the investigation. One thing's for sure: Behind the walls of his huge mansion, Cohen has got to be fuming about the attention this is bringing him. This man is private to the point of neurosis: According to Reuters, "Cohen is so intensely private he hates being photographed and has even bought the rights to some pictures taken by freelancers."
This description of his house from a lengthy 2003 BusinessWeek profile completes the image of the shut-in billionaire who values his privacy as much as he does his wealth:
It is completely obscured from the street by a roughly 12-foot-high wall. Cohen is so secretive that he installed an extensive alarm system that beeps whenever someone walks into a room or out, say acquaintances.
The grounds, which some neighbors call Chelsea Piers — after the mammoth Manhattan sports complex on the Hudson River — include a basketball court that becomes an ice-skating rink in winter, several golf holes, and a bubble-enclosed swimming pool. "For kids, getting invited to the Cohens is one of the most coveted invitations in Greenwich," says a neighbor.
Remember, billionaire readers: It's always those last 1,000 square feet that bring fate crashing terribly down on your head.
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Mercedes-Benz's Sexy SLS AMG Ad Campaign

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Dubai Says Tiger Woods Development Will Proceed as Planned

He is Money in the bank, all he have to do is deal with his wife and that is no crime.
Above it all, just get out your checkbook Tiger and prepare for visitations.